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Take a Look Around…

What do you see?


People talking and enjoying a cup of coffee...the TCC praise team leading energetic worship music...a first time guest receiving a special gift...some people diligently listening to the message and taking notes...children learning about the Bible in Capital Kids - these are the sights and sounds at The Capital Church.


All of these ministry opportunities are possible because The Capital Church is a member supported church.  Without the tithes and offerings of our members and attendees, it would be impossible to offer these ministries that help people become fully developing followers of Jesus.


Imagine…what would happen if 100% of The Capital Church’s regular attendees took the step to become a regular giver at TCC?  Here are a few of the possibilities:


  • Expansion of current ministries

  • Creation of new ministries

  • More lives radically changed by the Gospel

  • Deeper personal relationships with God

  • Greater impact in our city


Consider taking the steps necessary to become the biblical steward God has called you to be.

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