Special Letter from TCC Regarding Hammond Road/Timber Drive and US 70 Improvements

Dear TCC Family,

The NC DOT is planning improvements at the intersection of Hammond Road/Timber Drive and US 70. Two alternatives are being proposed. Alternative 1 is a Continuous Flow Intersection that will allow traffic to flow more freely through the intersection, improving stoplight delays; however, this plan will change the intersection of US 70 and Jessup Drive (the primary entrance and egress from The Capital Church) to a right-turn only scenario. This pattern will similarly affect those leaving the Church of the Nazarene and Greenbrier Estates residents, requiring a right-turn only egress onto US 70 E.

Alternative 2 provides for an overpass along Timber Drive passing over US 70. This pattern has no effect on our entrance/egress but could potentially take as much as 70-100 feet from the east side of our property, thereby drastically affecting our Master Plan.

As you can see, there are pros and cons to both alternatives:

Alternative 1:

  • No encroachment on the TCC property

  • Adjustments at US 70 and Jessup Drive would greatly impede entrance/egress for The Capital Church, Greenbrier residents, and the Church of the Nazarene

  • Difficulty leaving and entering the TCC campus


Alternative 2:

  • No traffic pattern change at US 70 and Jessup Drive

  • Potential loss of 70-100 feet of TCC property

  • Adverse effects for our Master Plan


To learn more about the changes at Timber and US 70, please visit the NC DOT website at



The NC DOT would like to hear from the public regarding the impact of their plans. The Capital Church has a vested interest in making sure this project does not hinder our church, our ministry to this community, or our future plans. The TCC church family can help with a petition that will be submitted to the NC DOT affirming that Alternative 1 is the best option for our property; however, we also request that the intersection of US 70 and Jessup Drive remain fully operational. Will you join in signing the petition? The link below will carry you to our online petition:




The petition will need to be signed by Wednesday, April 25. Please take time to submit the petition, and feel free to forward it to others who would help us with this endeavor. Thank you for your help and your prayers with regard to this very important matter.




Pastor Ryan Jackson

Lead Pastor

The Capital Church


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