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Value #1: Biblical Teaching

The Bible is the most amazing story ever written and we want every child to know it! Through our Large group and Small group structure, your child will navigate the pages of the Bible and discover what life with Jesus is all about.

Value #2: Family Outreach

When the family works together to reach out to the community and tell them about Jesus, children are set up for success to continue reaching out and sharing their faith with others as they grow older. In Capital Kids, we believe in the importance of children being exposed to evangelism at a young age and we team up with parents providing them with resources to help them be successful in community outreach with their children.

Value #3: Fun

When kids have fun at Capital Kids, they want to come back! Learning about Jesus' love for us can be so much fun and that is why we make it a priority in our small and large group settings to make learning enjoyable for our kids.

Value #4: Small Group Relationships

Kids build confidence as they build trusting relationships with leaders. This helps them to grow in their faith and connect with their teacher! Children need familiarity and commitment from their small group leaders because learning comes through relationships.

Value #5: Safety

Safety is one of the top priorities at Capital Kids. For parents, every parent receives a unique identification number that correlates to their child so that they can check-out their children safely and with ease. All volunteers in the kids ministry are vetted and participate in a background check, and go through an interview process to ensure the kids are surrounded by safe and loving volunteers. Providing a safe and secure environment is most conducive to a child’s learning and growth.

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