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  1. What are Capital Kids doing in regard to cleaning and sanitizing?

    1. We will disinfect after every service with the product “CleanSmart, Toy Disinfectant” and “CleanSmart Nursery and High Chair Cleaner”

    2. For more information, click HERE.

  2. How many services will the Capital Kids have?

    1. One service! It will be during the 11am Worship Experience. We will NOT have a kid’s services during 9am.

  3. Who is Captial Kids for?

    1. All Children Nursery - 5th grade are welcome to join us!

  4. How can I check-in my kids?

    1. Take your children to the Children’s ministry building, where one of our awesome team members will ask a few questions about your children, take their temperature, and check them into our system.

    2. The security tag will be printed out for you to pick up and have for check out.

  5. Will there be food and snacks in the kid's ministry?

    1. No. As we reopen the kid’s ministry, providing food and snacks will be suspended until further notice.

  6. Will the kids service still be available online?

    1. Yes! You can find the kid’s online service HERE.

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